RIP Global Rockin at Rise 2017 Hong Kong

What a fantastic conference to showcase our Kiwi solution for fully automated expenses and bookkeeping to a savvy, global crowd of techies, financial service companies and VC investors.

Our pop up shop was run off our feet – often 3 deep with requests from 12 difference VC companies from throughout Asia, Germany, Russian (and a quiet kiwi) for our slide deck.

A special invitation to China to attend an exclusive annual event for just 15 of the world’s new Innovators, hosted by CKGSB, a private business school responsible for producing the CEO’s of some pretty top Chinese companies, including Alibaba.

The opportunity to pitch to HSBC, whom we are now in negotiations with, and the team from KPMG, one of the sponsors of this event, produced their Global Chairman from Canada where a copy of our slide deck is now winging it’s way.

We managed an interview with Uptin from CNBC Asia Pacific too.

What did this do for our company?  Gave us a huge boost not just in financial terms but the ability to measure our solution – and really understand the value proposition, on a global scale, of what we are able to deliver all the way from NZ.

Big shout out to our amazing team at RIP Global, keeping the plates spinning while I was away!

Mel Gollan

Is RIP Global another death knell for small business bookkeeping?

If there is one traditional profession being heavily disrupted right now by fintech technology in the small business space, it would have to be bookkeeping. Data entry, expense tracking, invoicing and payroll – tasks traditionally associated with the profession – are becoming increasingly automated by cloud accounting platforms and their add-on partners. As a result, many bookkeepers face death by a thousand cuts, or must move up the advisory value chain to remain relevant.

Jessica Ellerm

FinTech is hot in New Zealand – Meet RIP killing bookkeeping for SMB

Meet Mel Gollan, founder of RIP Global, the Wellington based Fintech pushing the hassle of invoices into the grave. I personally know a ton of people wasting their valuable time tracking their business expenses. How great would it be for them to free up these endless hours of boredom… Making it available for the fun and productive stuff in life? Because that’s what RIP is doing for my friends and all the other Small & Medium Businesses (SMB). Amazing times ahead!

Nadja Schlössel