Is coding the new farming?

Is coding the new farming?

The RIP Global office were thrilled to host The Hon. Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education, State Services, and Minister responsible for Ministerial Services and leader of the House.

It was a pleasure to meet with the Minister and discuss the impact a successful, Hi-Technology sector will have on our country economically, socially and environmentally. What we need to do together to future-proof our country.

When the top ten Hi-Tech companies around the world are generating revenues of USD$200-750b, we know we MUST take our seat at the technology table. We MUST muscle up as a country, work as a team, and be committed to getting our country into the lucrative technology game.

What is the New Zealand challenge? Capital, and big customer validation.

Our Hi-Tech exports total NZD$2b. I want NZD$200b, do you?

Most of the big businesses are foreign owned/managed, the hands of the local leaders around technology decisions are pretty much tied – this is why the support from the Labour-led coalition government is critical to building a successful, sustainable exporting machine.

New Zealand has recently slid down the Global Innovation index published by WIPO. This is hugely alarming given technology is the industry of the future – do we have a “hair on fire” problem, about to affect the long term success of our country?

Technology can be built by anyone, anywhere. Wellington, Whangarei, Tolaga Bay or Taupo. University educated or not – technology doesn’t care who you are, or where you’ve come from.

Kiwi’s are just as smart, just as driven, just as ambitious as anyone else. This presents a great opportunity for the Labour-led government to build a framework that supports and promotes NZ Tech innovation to the world.

So let’s imagine if Google was a Kiwi company? What would our communities look like then….?

Coding is the new farming, so let’s #eatwhatwegrow #supportkiwibusiness


Putting the ‘Cool’ in Compliance

Putting the ‘Cool’ in Compliance

Compliance — It’s a rather unattractive word, makes us feel squeamish, a little like “dentist” and “cleaning”. No one really wants to do it but we ALL have to, to you know, stay within the rules/law.

So, what can we do to make it painless, where’s the novocaine at?! 

To really drill down (sorry, I’m running with that theme), we need to understand the behaviour metrics of our customers. 

The question must be “what don’t you want to do”? And laid before you like a dead mouse on the mat – is the endless struggle with the receipt and invoice processing. Universally hated, stressful, expensive, with a global 51% failure rate, and the facilitation of dirty data – it desperately needs a shot in the arm. 


Don’t touch it.

RIP eliminates the processing done by your people inside your business. Coding and justifying, scanning and uploading, report population — it’s all painful, so ditch it.

RIP Expenses is a compliance solution that takes the pain away. Payment and accounting neutral, fraud proof with on-demand clean, full data sets. An automated centralisation of data done for you — not by you. 

Now, let’s have a wee look at tax…..