Annual Royal Society Research Awards evening

Annual Royal Society Research Awards evening

What an honour for RIP Global to be invited by Callaghan Innovation to the Annual Royal Society Research Awards evening, held this year at the beautiful Te Papa, Wellington NZ.

An inspiring evening displaying some of the amazing mahi (work) of our humble, talented, dedicated scientists and researchers across the NZ community. The breath of topics, and the depth of the commitment shown by these quiet achievers was inspiring to see. Congratulations to all the nominees, the winners and their whanau (family) for leading the scientific endeavours of our country.

RIP Expenses – Fully Automated

RIP Expenses – Fully Automated

Definition of automation: A process not needing human intervention.

Welcome to RIP Expenses, the ONLY fully automated Expensing solution in the world.

Relax, we’ve got this.

RIP Global are stoked to partner with NZBN

RIP Global are stoked to partner with NZBN

RIP Global are stoked to partner with NZBN to just make things simple!

What’s the New Zealand Business Number?

It’s a cool new way to uniquely identify your business. It’s a shout out and a thumbs up from the folks in government to say, hey, we know your pain and we’ve done something about it. Now you can update your details in just one place.

Do it once, do it right, so you can get back to business.

Ka pai NZBN.

Is coding the new farming?

Is coding the new farming?

The RIP Global office were thrilled to host The Hon. Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education, State Services, and Minister responsible for Ministerial Services and leader of the House.

It was a pleasure to meet with the Minister and discuss the impact a successful, Hi-Technology sector will have on our country economically, socially and environmentally. What we need to do together to future-proof our country.

When the top ten Hi-Tech companies around the world are generating revenues of USD$200-750b, we know we MUST take our seat at the technology table. We MUST muscle up as a country, work as a team, and be committed to getting our country into the lucrative technology game.

What is the New Zealand challenge? Capital, and big customer validation.

Our Hi-Tech exports total NZD$2b. I want NZD$200b, do you?

Most of the big businesses are foreign owned/managed, the hands of the local leaders around technology decisions are pretty much tied – this is why the support from the Labour-led coalition government is critical to building a successful, sustainable exporting machine.

New Zealand has recently slid down the Global Innovation index published by WIPO. This is hugely alarming given technology is the industry of the future – do we have a “hair on fire” problem, about to affect the long term success of our country?

Technology can be built by anyone, anywhere. Wellington, Whangarei, Tolaga Bay or Taupo. University educated or not – technology doesn’t care who you are, or where you’ve come from.

Kiwi’s are just as smart, just as driven, just as ambitious as anyone else. This presents a great opportunity for the Labour-led government to build a framework that supports and promotes NZ Tech innovation to the world.

So let’s imagine if Google was a Kiwi company? What would our communities look like then….?

Coding is the new farming, so let’s #eatwhatwegrow #supportkiwibusiness


RIP Global nominated for the 2018 Wellington Gold Awards!

RIP Global nominated for the 2018 Wellington Gold Awards!

For nearly 20 years the Wellington Gold Awards have shone a light on the creative, innovative and successful businesses in the region.

The team at RIP Global are thrilled and honoured to be included in the Cyber Gold award category, which celebrates local technology creators.

Mel Gollan, CEO and Founder, said “We are so proud to be part of the thriving Wellington business ecosystem, and we’re stoked with the continued support we’ve received from our community. This really is the icing on the cake for what’s been an incredible few months!

She adds “The history of the Gold Awards is significant, the calibre of nominees in our category is top notch. And if you look at past awards, there’s more than one significant winner, so to be included with such a respected group is humbling, thank you!

Past Supreme Winners include Weta Digital, Icebreaker and Flick Electric Co and many more iconic Kiwi companies. The 2018 winners are announced at the awards dinner, which will be held on the 5th July 2018 at TSB Bank Arena.

Who are the crew behind RIP Global?

Behind the cool design, cheeky tone, smart promises of business improvement and hard hitting facts that showcase the benefits of RIP Global, is a team of quick-thinking, customer focused innovators, led by the business’ founder – Melissa Gollan.

Scott Gardiner, lead the MYOB business reinvigoration as the Head of Sales over the past 9 years. Scott says “I worked with Melissa while at MYOB and was first introduced to her as a potential integrated product to MYOB’s software suit. I found Melissa to be very engaging and passionate about what she is trying to achieve at RIP Global and highly motivated to succeed. She is able to form great relationships and make progress far beyond the size of her resource base and I have great faith she will deliver on the ambition she has for RIP.

Mel has had the pleasure of working for, and with a diverse range of businesses – large corporates, small business, charitable ventures and entrepreneurs and she sees first hand the challenge that’s a constant no matter the type, size or nature of business – each of these deal with the pain of managing and maintaining the required levels of compliance, and of managing expenses.  Cue the collective groan. Painful.

Melissa’s extensive experience is centred around delivering exceptional customer experiences, as well as driving excellent financial performance.  This combination of skills and insight led to the founding of RIP Global which addresses both of these business pain points.

She’s complemented her capability with her A team at RIP, and a knowledgeable, respected team of advisors and investors.

Jodie Yeow is RIP’s Chief Operating Officer and complements Mel perfectly with her strong history in leading transformational change, as well as being an excellent HR leader and process expert.

Mel & Jodie are ably supported by Julian Robertshawe, the team’s CIO, who leads the Development and technical team, alongside the office management crew and the design team.

Over the coming months you can expect to see the team showcasing more of their innovation, their capability and their vision for businesses. If you’re interested in the RIP solution, connecting with the team or investing, please contact