Power of IP and Patents

Power of IP and Patents

Not only do patents enable you to commercialise ideas in a protected (read, uncontested) way, they also allow investors to confidently back novel ventures and concepts. Some innovations do require heavy investment to build and launch, and having a clear path to take these solutions to market provider investors with confidence as the products or solutions are built, typically over several years. Microsoft lead the pack when it comes to holding patents, and they state that getting patents right is critical – “Not only do they (patents) underpin the products and services that the company sells, they also stimulate ideas that keep it growing and competitive.

Many counties around the world are either a first-to-invent or a first-to-file country. In 2013, the US changed to first-to-file. That means the entity with the patent lodged is the only one who can offer that innovation to the market. Pretty powerful when you consider that’s what RIP Global have done.

RIP Global identified a global issue – even with accounting software, in-house assistants or external bookkeepers, some small business owners and business professionals were spending tens of hours each week, working through invoicing paperwork. This task has been identified as one of the most onerous and hated tasks in surveys of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

The RIP Global solution is a cloud-based software product that removes a huge chunk of bookkeeping by automatically engaging the accounting process at the point-of-sale. RIP Global have worldwide patents on this, including those issued by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office), in NZ, another one pending in NZ, and in the US, and several around the world.

When it comes to the power of patents, a ZDNET article gives a great case study as to the power of a patent when you commercialise your offer “Herman Hollerith acquired an early “business process” patent relating to the encoding of data as a series of punched holes which served as the foundation for his new company, “Tabulating Machine Company” (1896) that was the predecessor to IBM.”

CEO and Founder Mel Gollan explains “Ideas are easy, really novel ideas aren’t so easy, and then commercialising them is even harder. When the concept behind RIP Global was finalised, protecting that IP to build a business around, was crucial. Put simply, RIP will deliver an absolute no touch, end to end solution that is so good and so simple you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. We integrate with all the big accounting solutions and we’re neutral as to payment methods.

With a value proposition like that, and global patents, this is one solution to sign up for and one business to watch!

RIP Global partners with NZBN – we’re all about making life easier for businesses

Who else gets frustrated when you ring somewhere for customer support and have to ID yourself, then you’re transferred and have to do it all over again? Consider for a moment, how much time businesses spend doing this every year? Here in NZ, there’s a time-saving solution for this – The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN). You can see why the team here at RIP Global are enthusiastic about an opportunity for business owners to reduce expenses, reduce admin and save time!

“The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a single, unique identifier specifically for your business. It’s a way for your business to identify itself both in New Zealand and globally.  Whether your business operates from the kitchen table at home, or you’re a large multi-national with global interests, you can get an NZBN.”

The NZBN crew say that getting and using your NZBN can make it easier and faster to inform, connect and transact with other businesses and government, by helping to streamline time-consuming business processes such as invoicing and procurement. So they’re really speaking our language. We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with them! We will be ensuring our customers understand the benefits of the NZBN and making it easy for them to connect to NZBN and as we on-board new customers, will use their NZBN too so we’re making their life easy in as many ways possible.

RIP Global Founder & CEO joins the 2018 Springboard Enterprises Accelerator

Venture-catalyst Springboard Enterprises is the premier platform where influencers, investors and innovators connect with entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses. One of the Springboard US-based VP’s discovered RIP Global and sent out an invite to Founder and CEO Mel Gollan to attend their Australian accelerator – the first Kiwi company to have been invited to do so!

The Australian accelerator is also backed by EY, the Corrs Chambers Westgarth, IAG and Microsoft. RIP Global is honoured to have been approached by Springboard to participate in this programme and Mel is looking forward to kicking this off in April 2018.

Meet the eight female founders, representing tech startups across a range of industries, attending in 2018 …


Hospitality summit 2017

Thanks to everyone who chatted with us at Thought for Food in Wellington. It was a pleasure to spend time with business people who care as much about their customers and fantastic service as we do.

We integrate free into your existing POS system so if you would like to chat with us please get in touch.

Hospitality summit 2017 Hospitality summit 2017 Hospitality summit 2017Hospitality summit 2017

Mel Gollan

Founder & CEO

20 New Zealand Startups to Watch 2017

RIP Global looks after all of your paperwork, reconciliation, and on-charging automatically at the point of purchase. RIP Global was founded by Mel Gollan on her lounge room floor with the aim to kill the soul destroying and time-consuming hassle of compliance. Mel secured some global patents and got to work building RIP Global. Today RIP Global is a fully automated invoice and receipt solution which operates from the point of origin (the merchant POS system) and delivers to the cloud – all scan and touch free. Secure, clean, completely accounting enriched, without the customer lifting a finger. Since launching in 2014 they have attracted a lot of attention globally and now have products in development for Fintech, Regtech, and Insurtech. Their solution is fraud proof with fully enriched data, which can go right down to the minute details on items purchased. Stephanie O'Brien, The Martec