What is RIP Global?  RIP Global is a New Zealand based technology company, we have built and patented a platform to automate customer processing of receipts, invoices, and payment reconciliation – a world first.

Our Team:  there is no doubt that our team at RIP Global are just as awesome as our technology, we take care in our work and also take care of our people, we work together, support each other and have fun!

Location:  Wellington, CBD, New Zealand

At RIP Global you will have the opportunity to help us shape our new products as we bring them to market.   

Your ideas will be heard and backed by a lot of strong development experience and best practice.

We’re looking for exciting people to bring our user experiences to the next level.

Jesse Whitham


Current Opportunities:

We have several current opportunities, and will put these up shortly – please email us with your supporting documentation like a cover letter and resume!

Remember the good Ol' days? We have real people waiting to help you!

Do you have a question or opinion? Let us know!

Email us at Grace@ripglobal.com

RIP Global

Wellington, NZ

Phone: 0800RIPDONE4
0800 747 36634